Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Strange Experience

A few weeks before Keith died we had the conversation "do you believe in life after death" and neither of us was sure.  Keith laughingly said that if there was life he'd let me know.  Well last night I'm not sure whether he did or whether I dreamt it.  We have a security light in the garden which is often activated by wild night life and the light shines in our bedroom if I forget to close the bathroom door.  Last night I was in that not-quite-asleep state when a light lit up the bedroom.  I turned towards it and distinctly felt a weight on the bed and saw Keith kneeling on his side of the bed.  He was insubstantial, I was aware that I could see the drawers through him but he felt solid when he put his head to my forehead and kissed me.  I woke fully and he'd gone, checked the bathroom door and it was closed but I felt such peace and knew he was fine and comfortable wherever he was. For the first time in ages I slept through the night.  Still think it was a dream but part of me hopes... maybe.

Yesterday I finished all the tasks left to do after the funeral.  The District Nurses picked up the last of the equipment and end-of-life drugs from the house and I took the donations to St Teresa's Hospice.  Now for the next chapter.

Buster and I managed a longer walk than usual we followed an ancient path that circles part of the outskirts of the town.  The wild flowers are in abundance and Buster and I really enjoyed the walk.  Even if Buster did insist on eating the grass.

This bit looks good

Okay I'll not eat any more

This part of the ancient byway runs between a local supermarket and the
town bypass

Looking the way we've just come

Flag irises are everywhere, the old beck is also a
water drainage ditch for the bypass and so there is slightly

more water in it than usual.

One of our 'landmarks' is the 'Brick Train' which is viewable from the A66 bypas.s Holes were deliberately left in the structure so that bats could make their homes in it and there is now a thriving colony.

Bypass side.  The designer is David Mach and its representative the towns link with railways. It depicts  a train leaving a tunnel.  There is a viewing platform on top of the tunnel bank from which you can get the full impact of the train leaving the tunnel and good views of the surrounding countryside.
This is one of Buster's favourite walks because he can chase the rabbits, particularly around the platform.   He never actually catches them as he's far too slow but he's quite proud of himself for chasing them. Yesterday was no exception he came back with a smile on his face.


Living to work - working to live said...

I love Buster!! He looks such a gentleman.

A lovely story about Keith. Sounds as though he is at peace but his energy is still with you. Xxx

Julie said...

What a lovely place to walk and I am delighted for you that Keith was there for you. xx