Saturday, 21 June 2014

Out of communication

I seem to have spent the last couple of weeks passing time, waiting for one engineer or another.  Our broadband, tv etc were all in Keith's name (and we had two of them!!) I had to rethink our communications package, cancelling the old one and setting up a new one.  Not insurmountable but it meant for a short while I was without a land line or broadband connections.  Then when they finally got round to putting them back together, the signal kept going down.  To cut a long boring story short I was left with only my mobile.  I know most people live on their mobiles these days but I have friends who don't have them.  But I am at last able to talk to people again.  I always thought I was happy in my own company and to an extent I am but with Keith not there to talk to I found it very depressing.  Consequently I've done nothing.....

Flynn's book wasn't finished in time for his second birthday but he seemed to enjoy himself without it.

Flynn and his dad blowing out his candles.

His mum made the monster cake, which Flynn loved.  I think she's done a good job of it.

Flynn won't remove his bib, they have been trying for ages to get him to give it up.  I guess its a sort of security blanket.  But one of these days, maybe.   He's beginning to look more like a little boy now but he's still a sweet tempered child who normally laughs all day.  Caught him in a serious mood.

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Suztats said...

Happy Birthday to Flynn. What a fabulous cake!
I'm glad you're able to communicate again. The quiet must have been very loud, I'm sure.