Friday, 27 June 2014

Black and White sensory toy

My god daughter's new baby was very premature and has a few health problems.  His eyes are giving concern at the moment and she asked me if I could make him something to hang on his cot.  High contrast designs had been recommended by his paediatrician.  I did a bit of googling and came up with these.

They aren't perfect but I think they will do for now.  I made ribbon tags so they could be hung separately and so that she can alter the sequence.  The other side of the blocks have high contrast black and white fabrics, all different.  

In addition to these I've finally finished my June swap card "June brings Tulips, Lilies, Roses"  My little angle (lily) is bringing tulips and roses.

I created this one in Paintshop Pro using some scrapbook papers and elements I had previously bought.  I did a bit of stitching on the card, this is the background so the sewing hasn't been done on this one.

I also finished Marian's birthday card, she wanted a green one but I stupidly sent it to the wrong address so now I have to remake the card.

I even put the wrong name on it, duh obviously I was having a bad day.  Still got a couple more cards to do for this month which I hope to get done over the weekend.  I think Buster is missing Keith as he doesn't like me out of his sight.  He cries and whines if I'm not in his view after 30 minutes.   He doesn't like being in my sewing room, not enough floor space for him to sprawl out without me falling over him.  We've been for a long walk this morning over the fields and he was a very happy boy chasing butterflies.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Out of communication

I seem to have spent the last couple of weeks passing time, waiting for one engineer or another.  Our broadband, tv etc were all in Keith's name (and we had two of them!!) I had to rethink our communications package, cancelling the old one and setting up a new one.  Not insurmountable but it meant for a short while I was without a land line or broadband connections.  Then when they finally got round to putting them back together, the signal kept going down.  To cut a long boring story short I was left with only my mobile.  I know most people live on their mobiles these days but I have friends who don't have them.  But I am at last able to talk to people again.  I always thought I was happy in my own company and to an extent I am but with Keith not there to talk to I found it very depressing.  Consequently I've done nothing.....

Flynn's book wasn't finished in time for his second birthday but he seemed to enjoy himself without it.

Flynn and his dad blowing out his candles.

His mum made the monster cake, which Flynn loved.  I think she's done a good job of it.

Flynn won't remove his bib, they have been trying for ages to get him to give it up.  I guess its a sort of security blanket.  But one of these days, maybe.   He's beginning to look more like a little boy now but he's still a sweet tempered child who normally laughs all day.  Caught him in a serious mood.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Strange Experience

A few weeks before Keith died we had the conversation "do you believe in life after death" and neither of us was sure.  Keith laughingly said that if there was life he'd let me know.  Well last night I'm not sure whether he did or whether I dreamt it.  We have a security light in the garden which is often activated by wild night life and the light shines in our bedroom if I forget to close the bathroom door.  Last night I was in that not-quite-asleep state when a light lit up the bedroom.  I turned towards it and distinctly felt a weight on the bed and saw Keith kneeling on his side of the bed.  He was insubstantial, I was aware that I could see the drawers through him but he felt solid when he put his head to my forehead and kissed me.  I woke fully and he'd gone, checked the bathroom door and it was closed but I felt such peace and knew he was fine and comfortable wherever he was. For the first time in ages I slept through the night.  Still think it was a dream but part of me hopes... maybe.

Yesterday I finished all the tasks left to do after the funeral.  The District Nurses picked up the last of the equipment and end-of-life drugs from the house and I took the donations to St Teresa's Hospice.  Now for the next chapter.

Buster and I managed a longer walk than usual we followed an ancient path that circles part of the outskirts of the town.  The wild flowers are in abundance and Buster and I really enjoyed the walk.  Even if Buster did insist on eating the grass.

This bit looks good

Okay I'll not eat any more

This part of the ancient byway runs between a local supermarket and the
town bypass

Looking the way we've just come

Flag irises are everywhere, the old beck is also a
water drainage ditch for the bypass and so there is slightly

more water in it than usual.

One of our 'landmarks' is the 'Brick Train' which is viewable from the A66 bypas.s Holes were deliberately left in the structure so that bats could make their homes in it and there is now a thriving colony.

Bypass side.  The designer is David Mach and its representative the towns link with railways. It depicts  a train leaving a tunnel.  There is a viewing platform on top of the tunnel bank from which you can get the full impact of the train leaving the tunnel and good views of the surrounding countryside.
This is one of Buster's favourite walks because he can chase the rabbits, particularly around the platform.   He never actually catches them as he's far too slow but he's quite proud of himself for chasing them. Yesterday was no exception he came back with a smile on his face.