Friday, 15 August 2008

New additions

Well here he is - Henry James - born last Saturday so he's an 08.08.08 baby. Henry (I kept calling him James) is the last of the family babies to be born, at least I believe so at the moment. And this is big brother Louis who is two today. His grandparents (my brother and sil) bought him a Noddy train set which seems to have gone down veryy well. He's not at all interested in his brother but likes all the presents people are bringing him when they come to see Henry. He's had his first proper haircut and looks like a little boy now.
The Postman also brought me this card from Cindy which is her response to the Japan themed swap. I've just realised I've not scanned Christine's sashiko card must do that tomorrow.
These are my Japan theme cards they are based on the chrysanthemum, and take the form of a Kanzashi. Kanzashi are Japanese traditional hair adornments and were worn for formal occasions such as a wedding as well as by Geisha. Today they are sometimes used on business suites as accessories by Japanese women.

I think they are quite pretty and might make a few more. It took me quite a while to work out how to make them but think I've figured it out. The centres should be a solid circle with a hairpin pushed through but I just beaded the centres. I started with a 2" square and spray starched it until I could fold it like paper. I made individual petals and sewed them together. It probably isn't the correct way to do it but it worked.

I believe you can make lots of origami pieces with fabric if you spray start the fabric first so that you can crease it like paper. Must have a go at something else.

The chrysanthemum fabric of the Kanzashi (which was darker than the background one) didn't blend in as well as I wanted it to so I've painted it with gold paint and added a bit to the ribbons as well as they were a bit stark.
My mum had a new bedroom carpet laid on Thursday but when my nephew went to put her furniture right he found a big tear in her wallpaper about two thirds of the way up the wall. The carpet fitters had moved her wardrobe in front of the tear so she wouldn't see it until they'd left. I'm disgusted that they would do this to an old lady but my brother is on her case and will get it sorted out for her. If they'd told her they'd accidentally knocked her wallpaper with the roll of carpet she'd have been upset but not angry now she's both. I'll let you know the outcome next week.


Inspired Joy said...

Oh, I was just looking at my fower origami books and seeing your work has inspired me to stop looking and start making.


Brigitte said...

a big kiss for the baby

McIrish Annie said...

a beautiful baby and very lovely cards!