Wednesday, 20 August 2008

TCosies for Charity

I started out this morning to make the baby floormats but when I took out the fabric I'd bought I didn't like them, so no baby floormats today. The shop where I bought was a bit dark, not improved by the rainy day. The fabrics looked dark and need something to lift them. I'm going into town tomorrow to meet a friend for coffee so I'll have a look round then.

The day though was put to good use, I finished off the tea cosies I've been making for an auction. A local (well 30+ miles away) fabric shop was having a tcosie auction in aid of the Air ambulance.
The air ambulance helipad at James Cook was almost outside the radiotherapy department and it obvious how much these helicopters and crew are needed.

This blue tea cosie was started quite a while back and is foundation pieced by hand. It's a strange shape, the teapot is placed in the centre and the arms are wrapped over it. leaving the spout and handle poking through the gaps in the side. There is no need to take the cosy off when you pour out the tea.

I made this one from fleece with hand stitching and hand appliqued pot. What you can't see is the lining that I made from a recycled Indonesian Kaftan, its very bright!!

These two were made from jelly roll strips left over from another project. I had lots of 2.5" squares but not enought to make a quilt but enough for a small cosie. I sewed them together randomly and embroidered the seams with faggotting.
This last one was just plain old jelly roll strips sewn together and machine embroidery down the seams, the inside is similar. I thought it a reasonable way to use some scraps up.

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McIrish Annie said...

Annette, Love the cosies but really love the August Arch.. I never would have thought to heat tyvek to make the wall, super creative and very effective!