Friday, 29 August 2008

Playmats on their way

Well here they are at last all ready for packing and posting. Grace's sophisticated sheep is finished at last and boy was I pleased. Have you ever wished you'd never started something. I used a wadding especially designed for use with nursery quilts, its polyester and has adhesive on one side I thought I'd use it on this play/floormat and it was horrendous. When I ironed it would stretch no matter how careful I was and as soon as it cooled down (which was seconds as I ironed it on with a cool iron). It took three attempts before I got it on without too many wrinkles. I was planning to quilt in the plain squares but in the end just stitched in the ditch round the squares as I was running out of patience. Oliver's mat on the other hand went together without any problems at all. I appliqued round the trains with a yellow thread on top and a red one in the bobbin so it would stand out on the yellow background.
When I'd finished these I made little bags for them to be stored and carried in.
Both bags were made with the left over scraps from their respective mats. I was quite pleased with these when I'd finished, they are fully lined and reversible.
In retrospect it might have been a nice touch if I'd put the quilt motif on the bags - too late now they're all packed. I just hope the great godchildren like them. Now life can get back to its normal hectic pace. Keith's now on holiday for a week, we don't have much planned well to be truthful we have more than enough plans to last a month but we'll decided on a day to day basis.

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