Monday, 11 August 2008

Back from Holiday

We had a great week in Wales, bit of sun, bit of rain, lots of touring and some walking, what more could you ask, oh yes and great accommodation. I will post some pics later when I get round to downloading them onto the pc.
I caught up with a couple of TAST stitches, while I was away, the top picture is my Algerian Eye Stitch piece and
this one is my feather stitch piece. This is all the sewing I did as I left everything but these at home. After all my careful sorting stuff to take with me I left it sitting on the table.

When I got back I found these on the door mat,. This lovely brooch from Betsy I must ask her how she made it. It looks like several pieces of sheer fabric layered and stitched then charms, threads and glass beads added to the top. Its very pretty.
These are Brigitte and Jennifers Japan cards from the private group. Brigitte has made a lovely art jacket have a look at it here Jennifer's card wishes me good luck.

Before we went away I put my folder containing all the stuff I had still to do for different groups etc safe. Can I find it, no course not. I've searched the house from top to bottom but it just seems to have disappeared into a black hole. I'll have to trawl through the various group databases to see if I can remember which swaps I'm in and relist everything - darn why do I bother putting stuff away I always loose it.

As promised I'll upload some holiday snaps later, that is if I can get onto the web. Virgin have been disconnecting us until we upload a patch for our Belkin router. They say our router may be contributing to their server problems. Apparently our router keeps asking their server for information but when we asked what information it was asking for they didn't know!! The routers that are giving Virgin problem though is not the same as the one we have, ours according to Belkin doesn't have the glitch Virgin are complaining about. So its hit and miss whether I get connected or not, here's keeping my fingers crossed.

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