Thursday, 31 July 2008

Last Minute Rush

Isn't it always the same, at the last minute dh decided he simply can't go on holiday without the two pairs of jeans that require taking up? He also thinks he might want the blue sweater that he's just put in the wash........ Guess I should have known, I did give him warnings of deadline for these things but he blames nightshift. All done now and tomorrow afternoon we're off to Pembroke for a week. We've booked a week in a converted barn, probably in the middle of a field with nothing around for miles. Still it will be lovely and I'm taking lots of handsewing with me, Keith doesn't know that fact yet. If the weather stays fine we'll take the long way home via the Lake District and stay overnight. Expect to get back sometime around the 10th August so hope to have lots of photos to show, maybe even some embroidery.

The postman has been busy again and made sure these little beauties arrived safe and sound, bless the PO. The arch is from Carole Brungar and is printed either on the transparency or behind it, I'm not sure which but its very effective.
Britta sent her 'In the garden' card and Britta I think you've been peeking in my garden! At the moment it is full of blossom and weeds, tangled together, rather like your lovely card.
The last two are both from the private swap, maybe its time we had a name as I can't keep calling it the private swap. Christine made this envelope card for 'a package of accessories' Inside there are lots of embroidered goodies.

Cindy loves hats and so do I, just wish they'd fit me. I love the head with the feathered hat and the fabric has red hats on too.
I'm going to retire now, a bit earlier than usually but I've had a bad day with my diabetes. I've had two hypos in one day. I am prone to hypoglycaemic attacks but never had two in one day before. I feel exhausted and have a bit of a headache. My own fault, it always is, I spent too much time in town looking at the shops and didn't take any notice of the time until my legs gave under me. Luckily I always carry glucose tablets and was able to tell the lady who picked me up where they were. Naturally I overcompensated and my levels shot up only to drop unexpected again before tea. This time though I didn't fall but I am very tired so I'm off to bed to sleep off my 'hypo' hangover.


Angelcat said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday, I love Pembrokeshire, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Julie said...

Hope you feel much better in the morning. Have a great holiday. A barn in the middle of nowhere sounds wonderful!

kiwicarole said...

Have a fantastic holiday Annette! It sounds like you'll be in Mr Darcy's area!

McIrish Annie said...

have a lovely trip!