Friday, 18 July 2008

Fancy stitches swap

Not sure how I manage it but I always seem to get at least one photo out of sequence must be because the midgy bites I got in the Warwick gardens are driving me nuts. Why do the always seem to go for my hairline? Oh and yes we did go to Hidecote and Kiftsgate Court as well asCoughton Court and Upton House. We didn't get to Warwick Castle but we have been before and it really needs time to see everything. Last time we were in Warwick Castle they were having a Joust and had all the children dressed as knights. They were having fun.
It feels good to be sewing again even if I only got the three cards finished for the Fancy Stitches swap on ArtsntheMail. These were actually started before we went away and I spent last night finishing them off.

This coloured circle card is for Sue Wild and is in response to her colourful paisley card I received from her. The other cards are somewhere below.
Just look at this wonderful handbag I just wish it were full sized so I could use it, I just love the fabric. This is from Brigitte who always sends me great cards. Its a private swap and this month's theme is 'accessories' I'm not letting on what mine will be until they are finished.
These are two of the cards I mentioned above that I've received as part of the Fancy Stitches swap. The first one is from Sue Wild (paisley) and the second from Francoise Jamart (feather stitch. It's not really photographed that well but Sue's card has lots of different stitches on and is beautifully sewn. Francoise card is also beautifully sewn but she has used the one stitch in lots of different coloured threds. I love both of them.These haven't scanned in too well probably because my Francy Stitch cards on white Linen and done with white linen thread. The flower card is for Francoise, Sue's is the colourful one up top, and the whitework card below is for Jenny Burns. As I shall be seeing Jenny on Monday she'll get her card then.
As I think I might have mentioned the midgys really love me and whenever I go into the garden following rain they swarm all over me. Keith used to smoke a pipe and they never seemed to bother him. I'd be covered in bites and he was completely bite-free, doesn't seem fair does it. But now he's stopped smoking and guess who also has lots of bites..... ha ha (sorry Keith don't really mean it).
I guess Mum is certainly on the way to recovery she's in a bolshey mood and ready to tell the world where to get off, or is this just part of the recovery process. I'm more than pleased though that she's beginning to fight back.
Just about caught up with all the routine return home stuff and hope to go and buy some fabric for the new additions to my godchildrens families over the weekend. Oh one more thing that happend today is I got the missing DVD from QA Workshops, the Judy Coates Perez "Mixed media Painted Fabric". QA sent me the wrong one and this is the replacement. I hope to get a look at it over the weekend but if its like the others it'll good.

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Brigitte said...

The white card on linen is gorgeous.
I love it.