Saturday, 26 July 2008

100 Stitches continued

I'm beginning to catch up with the 100 stitches challenge on Stitchinfingers. Going to Warwick put be a few days behind and by the time I'd caught up with all the washing and ironing I was even further behind. This is days 17 and 18 the original one Sharon Boggan created had a cluster of buttons. I can cope with the odd button but a cluster of them had my toes curling. I'm not sure where the button phobia came from (probably the rubber buttons on my liberty bodice, I always hated my liberty bodice ugh) they make my toes curl. I am getting better, especially when you see some of the pretty ones used in scrapbooking etc. Anyway I've used buttonhole wheels, bullion knots, french knots, detached chain stitch and straight stitches together with sequins and beads in place of the buttons.
Day 19 I layered rows of featherstich then whipped them, these form an edge border.

Day 20 is yet to be done, all I have to do is remember the safe place I stored my embroidery ribbons! Day 21 was formed using straight stitches and the odd bead and sequines. I found these really cute flower sequines in just the right colour scheme. I've probably said this already but I'm using a limited pallet as I want them to match the log cabin blocks.

Day 22 wasChevron Stitch, Bullions and French knots with beads. The colour is a bit strange its more lavender and lime green in real life.

I've managed to get well on with a postcard swap today and with my arch swap for TextileChallenge but more about them tomorrow I hope. I say tomorrow but we're having a family BBQ and it all depends on how late it goes on. My mum is coming over for the afternoon to see everyone. The boys and their respective partners are here this weekend and its always lively when the family gets together, I'm looking forward to it.

Keith and I have just come back from Richmond Station Cinema where we went to see Wall-E. We thoroughly enjoyed it, lots of laughs and the short film that is shown alongside is worth seeing too. Been tot he cinema now twice in the past few weeks, boy we're getting to be film buffs!!

Its turned 11:00pm now and I've just been and watered the hanging baskets and the back and front gardens. I love these mild summer evenings. I'm going to take my cuppa out now, sit on my swing hammock, smell the garden, relax and watch the stars before going to bed.

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