Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Had a wonderful time yesterday with four like-minded friends. For a while now we've been saying we'd get together as a group and 'play' but you know what life's like something always gets in the way. Well yesterday we did it!! Jenny Burns, Elspeth Robinson, Pat Camburn, Linda doughty and myself finally had a play day.

We've decided to meet regularly and give our group a name. No final decision was made as to a name but as we are hoping to create and by happy chance make discoveries 'Serendipity' was suggested. However we need to check out whether there already is a group called that first. Otherwise behold the birth of Serendipity.

Here we are having a coffe and chatting about some of the new stuff we'd seen and what we'd love to have a go at. Today we were to have dyeing day using two different methods. Also as some of the group were considering an embellisher Jenny and I took ours along forthem to play with. We'd also taken some of the pieces we'd made using the embellisher to give an idea of the different ways it can be used. I think we have more converts.

Pat is the weaver, spinner and dyer in the group and she brought along lots of dyestuff for us to play with. This is Linda sploshing dye onto cotton and rayon fabrics and threads. We used acid milling dyes to dye wool and silk threads and cold water dyes for cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Elspeth brought lots of threads and fabrics for us to dye this is her on the right with Pat checking out the goodies.
Linda, Elspeth and Jenny get on with the hard work of deciding which colour to use next.
When we'd finished dyeing we used a wooden fence outside the Hall to dry our babies. They are much more vibrant in real life than tshown on he photo.

We're meeting again in September to have a 'Burn, Slash and Roll' day - can't wait.


Angelcat said...

It looks like you ladies had tonnes of fun, no wonder you are looking forward to your next meet :)

Julie said...

Sounds like lots of fun. good luck with your group. We meet through the winter once a month for a mixed media group and it's great fun. Not tried dyeing there tho, we have to be a bit careful not to make a mess as we meet in a Community Centre.
Glad to hear your Mum is stable.

blackbearcabin said...

Wow...theres no telling what you four will come up with next...sounds great! keep sharing your get-togethers with us...its inspiring!

MargaretR said...

You are going to have loads of fun! Our group was called Serendipity until last year, but we changed it officially at the AGM to SerenTex, that was only the name of our blog previously. I don't think there are any groups called Serendipity around now. Maybe you can be our sister group?