Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The postman calleth again

This lovely little card is from Jenny who is shown in yesterday's blog. Sometimes its nice to put a face to a name. It's for the Fancy Stitches swap and is absolutely beautiful, so are the other two cards she's sending out. Francoise and Sue you're in for a treat when you get them. The ladybird and berries are stumpwork and the ladybird has tiny wings. The stitching is so fine but then I would expect Jenny to produce something great as she is a very talented needlewoman. Anyone who has taken one of Jenny's clases in beading or Hardanger will confirm that. I'll blab that yesterday she went home with more paint on her sweater than on the threads! The following four cards fell through my postbox today. The first two are part of the 'Maps' swap both Jenny's card above and the first two are ArtsntheMail swaps. Priscilla's card is the first one and she has managed to find the distance between her house and mine, clever girl Priscilla. I love the fact that you have put a pin where I live.
The bottom card is from Barb Engvall and is a treasuer map, love the map Barb especially all those mountains but don't think I'll climb them, well not before tea.

The shoe card is from Jennifer and is her 'accessories' card to me, mine went in the post today. I love these shoes, pity they can't be worn. Jennifer's cards are always immaculate and this one is no exception.
Final two cards are from the TextileChallenge group 'Paint & Stitch summer theme' swap. The top one is from Lorri Chambers and has some really great shells stitched on it. There is fme stitching and stitched threads on a painted background. It had an underwater feel but after looking at it a bit longer I think it should be held sideways, that way it looks like a beach. You'll have to turn your head sideways to see what I mean.

Last but certainly not least, Betsy Tauer's Paint and Stitch card. Just look at those wonderful colours, I'm into lime and pink at the moment so she couldn't have chosen a better colour scheme for me. Betsy has put masks on the background and spray painted it creating flowers once the masks were removed. Its worked really well and the three lime and pink flowers set it off so well.

Been to the hospital this afternoon with Mum for her check-up. They are very pleased with her, her face is still looking angry but not nearly as bad as it was a week gone Friday. Its still very sore and her eyes are watering all the time but she's been told it will take time for her to heal. Being elderly her skin is a bit more fragile and will take little bit longer than normal to heal, but they've reassured her it will heal. They'll check her out again in three months. Thanks to everyone who asked after her.


Doreen K. said...

Wow, you received a lovely array of cards in the mail. Glad your Mum is doing better.

MargaretR said...

Just read this about your mum Annette, I'm so glad she's doing OK.
Those shoes are fabulous!