Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Back in the land of the living

Back in the land of the living and pleased its all over. It was worth it though to know my bowel cancer hasn't returned yehhh. Got home yesterday and felt really tired and washed out, partly due to 36 hours without food. I was fed glucose and insulin via a drip but my blood glucose levels went haywire so I'm having to work to bring them into some sort of acceptable levels again.

While away the postman had left me these three great cards, the first one is from Cindy and is part of the Orphan Block swap on Surface Design. I love the way Cindy has decorated the 4 block orphans she looks as though she's had fun with them. The next two cards are from the Paint and Stitch swap on Surface Design. Ansley has created a wonderful flower with paint, think its a Pansy but don't hold me to it, then free motion stitched the piece. I love the colours and the way it seems to speak to you.
Teresa on the other hand challenged herself to create a landscape with one continuous line of stitching and added a few areas of paint. She's done a really good job of it and I'm impressed. Both cards are very different from each other and from the one I sent. I'm always surprised the way we interpret the same theme differently.
Whilst I'm not as tired today as yesterday I needed something simple to make. Something that didn't involve too much thinking. I also needed some luggage labels and these designs from AnitaGoodesign's JP collection took my fancy. While they were easy to make they took longer to do than I anticipated. I made four in all (two blue ones, one red and one yellow) so that Keith and I could have one each for our main cases and another one for any carry-on luggage we may take on our next trip abroad. All there is left to do now is put in the name tag and add a ring to the end - think that might be Keith's job.

Two of my godchildren have become parents in the last week a little boy Oliver 6lbs 6ozs and Isabella weighing in at 9lbs 11ozs. Both sets of parents have chosen 'floormats' rather than quilts and I'm going to use a Linda Edwards pattern for them. They will have to wait however until I get back from Warwick next Thursday. We leave on Saturday for a 5 day tour of the houses and gardens in Warwickshire, Although I'm not very well up on flowers I really enjoy looking at what other people have done and who know I might remember their names one day.


Julie said...

I'm so pleased it was good news from the hospital Annette. Have a good trip to Warwickshire.

(You're right it is a pansy.)

Paula Hewitt said...

Im please you are ok too. congrats on becoming a great god parent - if there is such a thing. its fun to have new little people to make quilts/floor rugs for.

Tere Sanders said...

I love the cards and the luggage tags! Jackie, the lady that did all the PJ designs for Anita Goodesign, is one of my best friends!