Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Caught up with Journal Pages

My October JP shows Juliette's balcony in Verona where she was supposedly wooed by Romeo.  We've been here a couple of times and there are always crowds of people, many of whom desecrate the walls and doors with graffiti.  This year there was a barrier round Juliette's house which meant people couldn't easily get to the walls and doors. 

In November the town council always put on a big fireworks display in the South Park.  The houses in the streets around the park are lucky in that they get a great view of the fireworks without having to stand outside in the cold.  Mind they miss all the atmosphere.  Sadly because of all the cutbacks this will be the last year for the firework display.

Something Black and White, one of two swaps this month with the BQLPC group.  Mine once again use up scraps of leftover fabrics sewn together with decorative stitches and embellished with a few bugle beads.

Windows was the second postcard theme put up by BQLPC for November.   There is a passage in the Bible, I think in   Matthew that quotes the eyes as being windows to the soul, or something like that.  So eyes are my Windows.  I downloaded some free clipart of eyes (there are lots out there) and changed them slightly in Photoshop by giving my 'eyemate' coloured eye liner.   I saw David Hockney at the weekend showing how he was creating a painting a day in a paint program for a show in one of London's galleries.   I thought I'd add some blue hair to go with the eyeliner.  The I was stuck as how to finish the card so I added windowsills top and bottom and curtains.  I think it looks more like a cinema screen though, what do you think?

We've been dashing here and there for the past couple of weeks visiting woodworking shops for Keith.  I thought it only fair that I go to his favourite shops as he never complains about taking me to mine.   One place we went to last weekend, no not a woodwork shop, was the Crafts for Christmas show in Harrogate.  I thought it would be all cardmaking and stuff like that that but it was an Aladdin's cave of artisans from all over the country.   There was also a food market which we indulged in greatly and have already eaten most of the stuff that didn't get put into the freezer and we wonder why we put on weight!!


SLIKstitches said...

Hi Annette, lovely to have connected the blog with the name - through the lovely black/white and window cards that are on my wall, thank you. I love the jp collection - very striking, and beautiful!


SLIKstitches said...

Hi again - Zentangles should carry an addiction threat! SO time wasting!

I tried to reply via email, but your blogger profile doesn't show it.

Julie said...

Lovely work Annette and I love the November quilt, well worth clicking on to see the detail.