Saturday, 27 November 2010

Guess who's come to stay?

Meet Monty my new microwaveable pal, Sy and Julie gave him to me because I'd complained I was cold.
Isn't he cute, far too lovely to put in the microwave, he just sits on the radiator or beside my sewing machine and keeps me company.

 I've decided to give Rug Mugs to my friends this Christmas instead of cards.  These six are going to a group I sew with so I wanted them to be very similar.  They took me longer to make than I had anticipated and by the time I'd sewn all the bindings on my finger was sore.
 More Black and White cards from the BQLPC group, these two are from Pauline C (top) and Michelle (bottom).
 The next four are again from the BQLPC group but the theme this time is 'windows'.  At the top are Helen Pearson's cathedral windows and Lesley's Office Lights card.
The bottom two are 'Let us Out' windows from Pauline C and Boutique window from Janet B.

I think that's almost it for fabric postcards for this year, just one to get made in time for a deadline of early January so I've not got any excuse for not getting on with the lap quilts I'm trying to get finished.

We were supposed to be going to the K&S show in Harrogate this weekend, first it we were going to go Saturday then we changed our minds thinking it would be less crowded on Sunday.  Then we woke up to snow and a forecast of doom and gloom getting worse on Sunday so we finally set off this morning.  We got as far as the outskirts of the town when we heard the link road to the A1 was closed.  As we'd had to fight our way to the edge of town, the gritters hadn't been out last night and the ice under the fresh snow made it difficult driving, we decided it was too risky to try so we returned home. It was just as well because we've had some really harsh weather today and unless you need to go out the police are advising that you stay indoors.  I'll look forward to going next year now. 

I went to the opticians yesterday for a pair of close work glasses and got a bit of a shock.  It appears that I've developed some sort of cyst at the bottom of my retina that has loosened one of the layers of the retina.  Something called a retinoschisis.  Apparently its fairly common, does no real damage unless it grows too big but there  I was expecting to buy some sexy new glasses and ended up with a referral to the hospital.  Life sometimes sucks.  On the positive side I've nearly got all my Christmas present sorted out, just a couple to go.

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Julie said...

So sorry to hear about your eye Annette. I hope you don't have to wait long to get it sorted. Sorry too you missed the K&S. It certainly wasn't worth taking risks for. I should think their numbers will be down this year especially over the weekend.