Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lino cut folder

I got round Blogger by posting the photo of my lino cut Bridge of Sighs (yes I know its the wrong way round I forgot to reverse the cutting) via Picasa.  The print was originally printed onto white cotton one in blue and the other in green and overprinted with the opposite colour (ie green got a blue overprint and blue got a green one).  It looked a bit stark so I had the brilliant idea of spray dyeing it with magenta, blue and green Colourwash sprays but overdid the magenta a bit.   The cloth was bonded to pelmet vilene and stitched round the image my machine.   I didn't like it when I finished it so its now become a file cover.Posted by Picasa

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MargaretR said...

I love this Annette! I've been around some of my blogs for the first time in ages. I've missed you all :)