Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Finished my September JP

All I have to do now is finish Octobers!!  I'm way behind with my challenges and I don't really have an excuse, just seem to have lost the will to sew but my mojo will come back soon I'm sure.  In the meantime I've decided to make a Mug Rug like one of these.  I have quite a few scraps and playing with these should revive the muse.  Actually I know what the problem is, I'm just plain ole tired, too much running around lately.   Now to show you my September CQJP.
The photo is where I started from, one of Marc and Alix's wedding in September.  I wanted to create something pretty but different so made a fabric background of snippets of sheers in shades of pink to magenta.  These were the colours in Alix's bouquet.  Next I covered the whole lot with net and free machine quilted it in flowers, feathers, scribbled my way through a whole lot of motifs.  It was my intention to reproduce the photo on extravaganza as an overlay which I would leave loose.  However, it got lost in the background, the image on the sheer organza was a bit pale and insipid so I carefully cut out the background and appliqued it onto the background.   I added a bit of lace, what wedding picture is complete without a bit of lace, and put a few french knots into the bouquet to add a bit of depth.  I was going to bind the edges with a thin magenta ribbon but decided I liked the satin stitch.  

I've also been creating some lino cuttings, one of which was based on the Bridge of  Sighs in Venice.  I thought I'd use this for my October JP but its ended up as a cover for a plastic folder as I wasn't too keen on the colours I'd used to print the block in.

Well it looks like the photos will have to wait until another day Blogger has stopped playing nice and won't let me upload another one.  Wonder what I did to upset Blogger but will try again later.

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Julie said...

Well done for catching up on the JQs. This is a lovely memory of a special day. (I haven't done October's yet either).