Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Stay at home Robin - block 4

Finally got Block 4 added to the Stay at Home Robin held by Kate North.  The size is 3" x 9" and is added to the left hand side of the other three blocks. I wanted to move away from the more straight line blocks of 1 and 2 but keep the same fabrics.  I free cut wonky strips and sewed them back to form the block.  I wanted broad and narrow strips.  When I finished for some reason it was just a tad short of the 9" so I cut the striped piece in half and added narrow bands.  Now of course it was too long and had to be shortened but all in all I'm happy with it.

Really got to get on with some of my outstanding pieces for the Contemporary Quilters journal pages.  I still have not done Septembers.  I want to do a piece on Marc and Alix's wedding but need one of their photos. They are coming up at the weekend so hopefully they will bring some with them.  None of mine are quite right for what I have in mind and a wedding isn't something you can go back and retake.


Julie said...

I like your SHRR so far Annette. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's behind with the Journal Quilts. I just finished September's yesterday and really want to get the next 3 done by the end of November so they don't get lost in the Christmas panic. We shall see!

katelnorth said...

Nice addition, Annette - I will add it to the blog. said...

I'm loving this robin, lovely blocks