Friday, 1 October 2010

Challenge cards

I enjoy making postcards but admit that I really enjoy the design challenge most of all.   One challenge that has made me think about what I'm doing is the Art4Mail 'Challenge' card where you pick five numbers and are later sent the technique relating to that number to incorporate into your postcard.  My five numbers this time were 5, 7, 13, 27 and 44 and the techniques relating to these numbers were, add a pocket, origami fold, different fabric type, something organic and something that sparkles.

This is the result.

Jeanette's number challenge card
 This is Jeanettes to me, not sure what her numbers were but she had to 1 piece something, 2 add an ethnic element, add 3 more colours, unusual texture and 5 add a character button.

Today I also received a 'Pink' card from Carole as part of the BQLPC Pink swap.
Rosemarie's Autumn Quiltie arrived yesterday, it's the first one she had made and I think she has made it very well.  Each middle section has a tiny embellishment relating to Autumn.  I'm really pleased with it.

Not a lot going on at home at the moment just going from day to day doing the normal things.  It's lovely after a hectic few weeks.   We go to Italy a week Sunday and I'm looking forward to that but for now I'm enjoying a bit of peace and quiet just doodling along.

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