Friday, 22 October 2010

back again

Although we've been back from Italy for a few days now the time has just flown by.  I came back to a host of postcards and atcs but not scanned all of them in yet.  Here's a couple that I have scanned in.

Thes are P is for Pink, P is for Passion Flower and O is for Ocean made by Jennifer Morlock and Hetty van Boven of Art4Mail fame.

We had a lovely time in Italy, we went to Lake Garda, Verona and Venice, walked our feet off, sailed on the lake, ate mountains of food and drank gallons of wine.  Now we have to repair the damage ugh....  but it was worth it.  The weather had been forecast as dull, cloudy and wet but it was wrong, we had sun, sun and more sun.  I've got loads of photos but blogger is playing up and won't let me upload any more so I'll call it a day and try again tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Welcome home Annette. I'll look forward to seeing the photos. I'm glad the weather was better than expected :)