Monday, 25 October 2010

Italian holiday photos

Photo heavy posting but I'll keep my mouth closed and let you look at them.

Bording the boat in Riva for a cruise round Lake Garda

Limone Harbour


Heading across the Lagoon towards /Venice

St Marks, couldn't get inside as there were too many people.

I loved this little balcony down one of the canals.

The Rialto Bridge plus gondola

My own little Canoletto, two view of the /Grand Canal.

Juliette's balcony - Verona,

Loved the striped brickwork on the Regional Offices in Verona

Verona Arena Christians and Lions no longer performing but plenty of opera still.
Promised these earlier but went to the Quilt Museum in York instead.  I missed the last exhibition, kept saying I was going but by the time I found time the exhibition had finished.  This time I went as soon as it started.  Can't for the life of me remember the title, something about stitch but the work there was extrodinary.  Julia Capara, Alice Kettle, Paddy Killer, Jan Beaney to name just a few.  Can't say I was impressed with Michael Brennan-Woods piece though.


Julie said...

Beautiful photographs Annette, you make me want to go! I'm intending to go to York to see that exhibition too. After your report I think I shall have to go sooner rather than later.

Angelcat said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing