Saturday, 9 October 2010

Off to Italy in the Morning

 So I thought I'd better catch up with my blog,   I'm conscious that I'm not doing very well in blogland so far as keeping things up to date but I promise to try harder in future.   That was always on my school reports, must try harder in future.  The two cards below are from the Arts4Mail group, the pretty Sunbonnet Sue is from Vicky in Canada and the other card is from Charlie in the USA.  Charlie's card is her response to the Challenge card. 


I've been busy finishing off all my October swaps and trying to get them into the post before I go to Italy in the morning.   I just managed to catch the last post with my 'Pink' cards for the BQLPC group.

I also managed to finish my P, Q andGold atcs for the Art4Mail group but posted them before I'd remembered to take a photo or scan them.   I do have a spare P for Petal atc but its lost under the mountain of stuff we still have yet to pack so I'll post about that when I get back.

My last October swap was with the BLQPC group ' gateways' and I didn't quite finish them.  Here is where I've got to so far.   

The gateway in question is in Portofino, Italy (where Rod Steward has a villa).  I took the photo last year, the gateway led nowhere.   I think it may have been part of someones grounds at one time but the cliff may have crumbled over time.   It looks out over the harbour where all the lovely yachts are but the photo isn't good enough to see them unfortunately.   I printed the photo onto fabric three times (I needed six so two sheets were printed) then free motion stitched the gateway and part of the crumbly wall.   That's as far as I've got but I now need to put a backing and border on it.  I hope to do that when I get back  so I meet the deadline.

BIG news in our household is - Simon and Julie got engaged yesterday.   They are thinking of September 12 for the wedding to keep up with the Jeavons tradition of September weddings.
Off to finish packing and find some embroidery to do while travelling.

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Julie said...

Beautiful gateway Annette and congratulations to Simon and Julie. Have a wonderful time in Italy! :) PS Thank you for your last email. I am in catch up mode after our holiday in Cornwall and at the moment am losing the battle ;o)