Friday, 15 April 2011

April and May Journal Pages

More tangled journal pages, April's is a fantasy bug (Tanglebug) using Acrylic Inks for the colouring in bits. The background fmq is supposed to represent the blossom the 'Tanglebug' is getting nectar from.  You may have to use your imagination!! May is more straight forward tangle, 'Bloomin Tangle 2'.  This time I doodled on the fabric and used the fabric to applique petals and fmq'd the background in wandering leaves.

Last weekend we went to the Threadbangers' (local Quilt Group of which I'm not a member) first quilt show.  This was being held in a local village hall and when we got there there were Morris Dancers on the Green.     It was a lovely show, small but the quilts were varied and well made.  There were a couple of traders and plenty of small sewing related items for sale.  They made over £2000 for the Help for Heros charity.  Well done Threadbangers.  One item which I loved was a quilted Wendy house made by the group. .  Here are some photos. 

Morris Dancers outside of the Inn

Village Hall where the Quilt show was held.

Quilted Wendy House.

I've been meaning to show you these monoliths for some time now and keep forgetting.  Every time we go to Boroughbridge for 'woody things' for Keith we pass them.

They are called the 'Devil's Arrows' and are prehistoric but the reason why three should be stood in a row (one on one side of the road the other two in a field on the other side of the road) is anybodys guess.

These are the second and third monoliths, time and tide have taken their toll on the height of these two.  The second one in this photo is not very clear, its beside the large tree.

Two weeks to go and we're off on holiday.  This is our Ruby Wedding anniversary treat, it should have been last year but it got postponed due to Marc and Alix's wedding.  We are heading for Marrakesh in Morroco by way of France and Spain stopping off at points along the way.  On the way back we will be calling at Madrid as I've always wanted to see the Alhambra.  Hope to get some good photos to share.

Off now to finish my last two swaps before my hols and tackle the dust bunnies.

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Terri said...

Love your post! Love that you shared pictures of the Devil's arrows. I wonder if it was another community like Stonehenge. I think the stones held up a roof, like a great hall, where people gathered during the winter and wet weather to make things and visit. If there were other stones that had been carried away since, do you think that might have been a possibility?
Love your journal pages, too. I especially like the black and white, that reminds me of the doodle art form called Zentangle.