Wednesday, 6 April 2011

March JP - Primeval Tangle

 I wanted to continue with the Zentangle theme for my March JP but this time on a black background.  The
fern-type leaves were my 'strings' which I drew freehand then drew the patterning inside of each leaf.  Next step was to outline the pattern and the leaves.  I dithered a bit about whether or not I should pattern each section within the leaves but in the end decided to try out some new paints.  Keith had bought some Jo Sonja pearlescent paints for wood and I'd seen these paints advertised as suitable for fabric so 'borrowed' them from him.  He might not get them back....  I think the paint is a bit thick and I should have watered it down a bit but wasn't sure whether it would bleed if I did.   Still its done now.

Next couple of photos are close-ups of parts of the journal page.

I have deliberately not join many swaps this year as I want to do other things but one I did join was an 'Ingredient Swap' with the Surface Design group.  I received a package of bits and pieces from Dayle in Australia from which to make a card and post it back to her.  This is the ingredients and the card I've made from them.

Sunday gone (3rd April) was Mothering Sunday here in the UK and my eldest son Marc wanted to take me out for lunch.  He was again though in the Lake District having taken part in a triathlon on the Saturday and wanted us to go to Keswick.  Well I love the ride over the moors to the Lake District so we agreed.

 On the way over we saw this strange cloud with a rainbow centre.  The rainbow was much brighter than the photo as I had to take it through the car windscreen which as you all know have UV shields built in them.  As you can see from the photo below the sky was blue, just this one dark cloud with a rainbow.

 Marc and Alix had booked lunch for us at the Horse & Farrier Inn, built in 1688 and retaining many of its old features.  If  anyone is in the area, the Inn is actually at Threkeld, they do a lovely meal at a reasonable price.   At the end of the meal all the ladies were presented with a small bunch of daffodils which was a lovely touch.
Me and Marc outside the Inn just before leaving for home.

I'm off now to make a start on my April JP which I hope to show you soon.  At the moment I don't have any idea of what I'm going to do.

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