Thursday, 21 April 2011

EG Olympic Postcard Project

Not sure how many Embroidery Guilds in the UK are doing the Olympic Postcard project but ours is and these are the cards produced by our members.  Each guild was given a 'participating country' which was chosen by picking a name out of a hat system.   Darlington EG was paired with Uganda and I got the dubious honour of co-ordinating the project for our guild.   My first thoughs on being told we'd got Uganda was Idi Amin, Aids, brutality to women, gorillas.  Not very inspiring but further research showed me a beautiful country with rain forests, abundant birds, beasts and flora.  The one stipulation of the project was that the flag of 'your chosen' country must be the first postcard on the strip.  Each strip is between 9 and 15 cards long.   Each card is 6" x 4", laced onto archival board, backed and signed and dated.   These are the cards made by our members, Marigold Kelly, Linda Doughty, Joan Bainbridge, Pat Camburn, Carole Wilson and myself. 

I'm sure you'll agree they are all very different and "didn't they do well".


dianehobbit said...

Really lovely! My guild has been given Canada.

Angela said...

What a fabulous collection of postcards!