Thursday, 28 April 2011

One that got away

How many times have you set off the washing machine and halfway through the final rinse you come across an 'escapee', usually a sock.  Well I've found an escapee from the EG postcard project so before I leave for foreign parts I'd better pop it up to show:

 Here is Jenny's 'Giraffe and Acacia tree at sunset'.  She has used a piece of her hand-dyed fabri,c added silhouettes and them embellished with machine embroidery.  I have one more card yet to come in but it won't be ready before we go away so it will have to wait until a later date.

We're all packed, the cases are by the front door, the carry-ons are also packed and I've dug out a large tote to carry all my bits and pieces for the journey.  Sorted out some sewing to occupy my hands while we travel, filled up my ipod with books I haven't yet read, and a paperback just in case and packed sandwiches in case we get peckish.  We leave in a few hours (04:05am) so I'm going to have a shower and try and get a couple of hours sleep.

The news tonight wasn't too promising with a bomb going off in a cafe in Marakesh, one of our stops in Morocco.  Never mind I'm not going to worry about it.  Speak when we get back around mid May with, hopefully, lots of things to show you.


Julie said...

Hope it's all fabulous Annette. Enjoy!

McIrish Annie said...

I know that you are now on the road and hope you have a wonderful trip!

I love, love the giraffe card you received. It's just beautiful.

your little art dollies are also fabulous.

can't wait to see your pics from your trip.