Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beadnell and old friends

Yesterday we met up with Anne and Grant, good friends we'd not seen for several years.  They were holidaying in their caravan in Beadnell, Northumberland.  As it is closer to us than there home in Cheshire we decided to make a day of it and visit them.  We took Buster with us as we couldn't get a dog sitter but he was very well behaved all day I'm pleased to say.

We took the direct route up the motorway for quickness but stopped at Amble to let all of us stretch our legs and do the necessary.

Buster was disappointed that the tide was out and we wouldn't let him play in the mud.  That's Warkworth Castle in the top photo, not a very good picture though.

We arrived a lunchtime and Anne and Grant our friends insisted on taking us for a birthday lunch in Seahouses.  As we had Buster lunch had to be in the beer garden but that wa fine as it was sunny and the garden backed onto the harbour.  We also had a wonderful view of the Farne Isles.

Later  we went back to Beadnell and finally allow Buster a paddle and play in the sea.  He loves water, so long as he doesn't involve soap.  He spent ages picking up seaweed from the water and depositing it on the rocks.  I think he must have been a retriever in a previous life.

He really did not want to come out but we had to set off home.

We took the long way home via Alnwick, Rothbury across the moors to come out just above Hadrian's Wall.  The heather was beautiful and we stopped to pick a couple of  pieces and let Buster stretch his legs again.

All three of us really enjoyed our day out and apparently we'd worn Buster out as he took himself off to bed at 7:30pm and was difficult to get out of bed this morning - just like us.


Mrs Dibble said...

Oh what a lovely looking place.....and a very happy dog. Good dog Buster

lindsey said...

Great photos of the heather, so pretty!