Friday, 9 September 2011

Mini quilt finished

Just a quick post today to show you my finished mini quilt (9pm curfew project).  I enjoyed doing it but got it all wrong as I cut out the foundations minus the seam allowance - durr....   As a result not all of the blocks are the same size, my mind must have been on the tv than on what I was doing.   I've started another one, this time I've cut the foundations with a much larger margin of error.

Keith has gone off to help Sy lay laminate flooring before they have their BBQ for Julie's mum's birthday tomorrow.  And as for me I have four pairs of trousers to take up, not one of my favourite pasttimes but a necessary one as dh has short legs and hates shopping for clothes.  I have to buy them while I have him cornered else he would go around in a tatty pair of trousers quite happily.


Terri said...

What is it with men. They want the moon, but nothing else.

McIrish Annie said...

The mini quilt is adorable!

I also have a short legged man in my life. Hate taking up pants but part of the wifely duties.