Wednesday, 14 September 2011

CQJP'S next bloc finished.

Not sure why but Blogger has turned some of the photos upside down, so sorry you will have to stand on your head if you want to seem them the right way up!!   Think I might have posted some of these before but not sure.  Okay here goes, our task for these four JP's, should we accept the challenge was to include text.   I based all four on electronic communications.

June - Texting
Hope you can understand my version of text speak...

July - Twitter (Tweeting)

August - Facebook (here's where you stand on your head)

September - Login
Digital images and text printed onto tshirt fabric.  I did add beads but then took them off.

October - Chamomile Days
Another upside down one, I know I'm early but I got carried away. The next set of JP's have to include buttons.


jenclair said...

Love these! Especially the text message!

Julie said...

Great JQs, Annette. I loved the song 'Daisy Daisy'when I was growing up. I still have my JQs to finish!

Nancy said...

These are great! My mom used to sing those 'text' songs to my children!