Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bits and pieces

Bits and Pieces is all I seem to have done recently.  I've been catching up on all those odd jobs that need doing but get pushed to the back of your mind.  Well I tidied up my room and decided to just get on with them and that would leave me free to sew later.

We went to Harrogate Quilt Show but I'm not posting pictures as they seem to be lots of them all over the web.  What I have done is post a couple of pictures of the goodies I bought while at the show.

 There were so many lovely goodies it was difficult to choose what I wanted but I had gone with specific buys in mind.  After I bought those, freezer paper, threads, velvet and grey net - the latter I didn't get as there was none to buy, I went a bit wild.   The photos aren't too good as they really don't show you the brilliant colours of the threads I bought from Oliver Twist's.  I have a specific project in mind, something for my dil's birthday (although at the rate I'm going it could be Christmas) present.  So I won't say anything about it but let you drool over the threads.

Arenh't they beautiful...... I love Jean Oliver's colours just wish I could dye something similar.   Anyway apart from threads I bought some Egyptian cotton from the Egyptian tentmaker's stall, a bag of jelly roll offcuts on sale for £6 which I though might come in useful.  I really splurged though on books.   They were on sale for around the same price as Amazon but without the postage so I told my dh that they were a bargain and he believed me.

Amongst my stash of books was Susan Brubaker Knapp's new  one "Point, Click, Quilt" and Isobel Hall's Textile Adventures.  I also bought a book on digitizing, I can do pretty basic designs but sometimes thread compensation baffles me so I hope to do great things after I've read this one.
Last weekend was also the Embroidery Guild's first meeting after the summer recess.  Philippa Naylor was the speaker and apart from seeing her absolutely stunning quilting she is a very funny lady.  If anyone is looking for an entertaining speaker I can definitely recommend her.  Her book "Quilting in the Limelight" is also excellent both visually and techniquewise.


Scrumptious Textiles said...

The colours are wonderful and you sound a bit of a book addict like me. Didn't know about Isobel Hall's book until you mentioned it but I'll have to take a look as it sounds right up my street.

Rosalind said...

What a lovely haul! :o)

I had hoped to get to Harrogate this year but didn't manage it and it sounds as if it has been a wonderful show.

Wish I had known you would be there with a camera I would have begged you to take a picture of a quilt I had entered.