Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Come on now own up....

How many of you have gone to a workshop only to find you have brought totally unsuitable fabrics?
My friend and I decided at the last minute to join a workshop to make a hen.   The list of requirements was emailed to us but no image of what we were making.  A hen, well how difficult can that be to decided on fabrics.

This was my selection of fabrics, I thought the leaf pattern could represent feathers and the other two contrasts.

This is Ann Bull our lady tutor for the day.  She was very good and helped all of us even to sewing some of our pieces when we got behind.

Joyce Smith was our host and supplied us with tea, coffee and delicious cakes and acted as our goffor for the day.  She is a long arm quilter and her Quilt Barn can be found here

Inside the Quilt Barn, small, cosy but light and airy.  The lady in the purple tshirt is my friend Pat.  She likes purple as you can see from her hen.
We didn't get round to finishing our hens but one or two did.

A previous project had been this splendid cockerell
And this was as far as I got before going home.  My hen was becoming blurred in the fabrics.  I had forgotten that random dyed fabrics would not easily allow identical parts to be cut out.  My hen has jester legs, a hood that is green on one side and reddish on the other and merges with the body fabric.

And now this is the state of my hen - the sum of all its parts....

Ann glued the thighs onto the body but I prefer to sew pieces together.  My legs looked like Nora Batty stockings so I've decided to recut some pieces.   Watch this space.

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