Thursday, 13 October 2011

Drunkards Path

Sy and Julie bought me the Drunkards Path die  for the Accuquilt last Christmas, so I thought it only fair that I make them a lap quilt using this block.  They have decorated their living room in chocolate and lime so those are the colours I've used in their quilt.   I bought 14 differing shades of browns and lime/greens and set off to cut out the pieces.  I happily spent a couple of hours cutting all 104 pairs for the quilt (with some extra) then sewed them all into blocks of 4.  The Accuquilt really comes into its own I think when cutting pieces that are more difficult to do than straight rotary cut pieces.

Once I got them to this stage the fun began.  I had enough for 7 rows of 8 blocks but ended up making the quilt 7 rows of 6 blocks in a sort of sudoko pattern.   Sewing these blocks together gave me a real headache much more difficult than sewing them all together.  I used our bed to lay them all out and get the pattern correct.   Then took each pair into my sewing room and sewed them together.  Easy yes....  Well I put them down in the order I thought I'd picked them up but I'd actually put them down upside down - you following me?   I'd lost the plot and a hour later and several unpickings I finally asked Keith to give me a hand to sort out the pattern again.  Then I did the sensible thing and pinned the pairs together with a label (t for top).

This is the result:
I could only get part of the quilt in the photo but you get the idea.   There were several blocks left over so
I made Buster a matching quilt to go on top of his new bed but I'll keep it until Christmas or Sy and Julie might guess what they are getting.
I've basted both tops onto fleece and hope to get one of them quilted before the weekend.

I've been chuntering on about the Big Shot machine for some time now as a complimentary machine to the Accuquilt.   I must have gone on a bit more than I thought for when we were in Embsay Mills on Sunday Keith bought me one!!!!  He also bought me a couple of dies and embossing folders.  I've been watching videos on Youtube as well as Patsy Thompson's videos on using the Big Shot with fabric and am keen to play with it.  However I want to quilt at least one of the drunkard path quilts before I start or they may never get done.

Almost forgot - Henny Penny has been refurbished, doesn't she look regal.  I almost think if I added a whip she could become a dominachick.


Terri said...

Love your "Round the world" version of the Drunkard's path. I love the 2 pieces - one round and one squared.
Oh, and your chicken is wonderful! The whip, the whip!!!

Julie said...

Henny Penny looks fabulous and so does the Drunkard's Path. I've never got round to trying that one.