Monday, 16 April 2012

I told myself I wouldn't feel guilt but I do

But I've talked sternly to myself and told myself its okay not to blog if you don't have anything to say.  However I do have something to show you today.   On Saturday our local EG organised a workshop with Maggie Smith, the title of which was "Get Stuffed", which is also the title of her new book.

Maggie was my tutor when I studied for my C&G Part 2 si I was looking forward to Getting Stuffed.  Everyone really enjoyed it, not that too much work got done we were so busy listening to Maggie explain the various techniques for stuffing shapes.  There wasn't really an 'end product' to the workshop so there wasn't any pressure to get the piece finished.

I've been feeling very unmotivated recently but Maggie's workshop has galvanised me into life.   My sample is a bit grubby and crumpled but I've had fun creating it and will use the techniques I think in one of the yellow journal pages.

Something else I'll be using in one of the yellow JP's is prairie points.  I made several using transfer painted sateen which was a nightmare to fold.  However I got over that by making myself a simple template to fold the fabric over and iron it into place.  Somewhere on the web I'd seen a metal template that you placed the fabric over and ironed it down.  I cut the corner off a piece of card at 45 degrees and used this in the same way, similar to a template for sewing mitres.  This worked a treat, I just had to make sure my fingers weren't too near the point when I placed the iron down.

I soon had quite a few prairie points, being sateen and slippy I had to put a single stitch in at the bottom of the fold to stop them springing apart.

Now all I have to do with them is decide how to use them.  I have several more pieces of transfer painted sateen if I want to make more but I think I might need to use asbestos gloves next time.

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Terri said...

Very pretty points! We have all see PP on the edge of a quilt, but it might be fun to put them into a pieced quilt - in random places...