Thursday, 26 April 2012

More postcards

We'll my Kindle has had good use recently, I'm still excited and have been downloading books for my holiday in Wales next month.   But it is now time to put it down and get on with some sewing and to show you the latest postcards from BQLPC April swap, themed "Winners".  This was a more difficult theme than I had originally thought and my fellow swappers have done it justice.

From Alice - the Winners envelope, how many of us have had one through out doors.

From Jacquie the winning raffle ticket.  Jacquie made her cards from a pack of fabrics and threads she won with a winning raffle ticket bought at an EG meeting.

Me, well I wanted to use my very limited digitizing skills to create a Star winner.  The photos seem to have a shadow on them, ah well.
It's time to get on with my table topper, I admit to getting bored doing the same block continuously but I want this table topper to be plainish and so its time to get started again.  It's 10 blocks down, 6 more to go.

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McIrish Annie said...

Isn't the Kindle wonderful? I have Kindle loaded on my Ipad. Sure makes traveling so much easier. all my books and some magazines in one place.

nifty postcards too!