Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March and April Journal Pages

The final two red journal pages are now ready to post.
 March following the dance theme as well as red, is called "Lambeth Walk"

The April one is called "Line Dancing" The swirly bling bit is a Sizzix die which I thought looked a bit like embroidery on a cowgirl shirt.

Oops... the photo has come in sideways, this happens occasionally with Blogger and I don't know how to turn them.  I know its the right orientation in my folder.  Anyway this is a photo of the four red months showing how I've tried to create  gradation from rich red to pale pink when they are all hung together.  All the backgrounds are created in the same way, strips of fabrics woven then sewn down but each page being different.  The next four months challenge colour is yellow.  I've already done one yellow JP but not sure whether to include it in the yellow set or not as strictly speaking I didn't do it for this one.

I've shown bits of this one before, which I started as my Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge but it appears to have got lost in translation somewhere.  I do have the first 8 or 9 stitches of the challenge in this piece however maybe I'll have to start another one to include the other stotcjes.   So far its not got a name maybe someone could suggest something.


Living to work - working to live said...


These are lovely. It's a challenge to work with one colour.

Julie said...

Just been having a very pleasant catch up with your blog posts. I like the colour gradation in your journal quilts and the books for your postcards are a great way to protect and display them.