Friday, 21 March 2014

Been a bit of a mixed period lately

I've managed to get some sewing done, these are the leftover 3.5" squares.  I had thought to turn them into a fabric waste bin to match the throw but in the end the dog won out and they are going to be his new blanket, complete with fleece backing.

Keith has been quite well and is getting on with his walking sticks okay.
We've been out for lunch with the family.
And Keith managed to fall again on Tuesday night.  This time he landed up again the cooker and managed to bend the handles and break the lid hinge.  But he came off worse with quite bad bruising and naturally its set him back a bit.  All in all though he's doing okay and is very positive in his attitude.  He's telling everyone that I threw the cooker at him, as if.

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Lyndsey said...

Lucky dog, he'll be nice and cosy with that quilt. It's great to hear you are both getting out and Keith is looking good. Take care.