Tuesday, 11 March 2014

February Brings the Rain

Now got a full set of photos from the February Brings the Rain swap, I've been waiting for the final one but then found it had arrived earlier and I had buried it under a pile of fabrics!!

 From Helen and Alice
 From Jacquie, whose card I had buried - sorry Jacquie.
 From Miriam
And finally from Pauline, this card looks great in real life and is very tactile.

We had good news yesterday from Keith's oncologist.  He was so pleased with the way Keith looked that he has upgraded his prognosis from the lower end of months scale to the higher end.  He was pleased with Keith's positive attitude which he believes is helping him overcome some of his difficulties.   He has now acquired a shower seat and two perching stools.  One of the stools his OT has today adjusted so he can reach his lathe which has raised his spirits.  He has really missed playing in his shed.

I've got the top of Julie's throw finished, just got the border to put on then I'll take some photos.  She's already tried it on her sofa and is pleased with how it looks.  So a happy time all round.

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McIrish Annie said...

So glad that your hubby is feeling better.. Love the sofa throw but don't know how you find the time.. The February cards are great. I miss swapping.