Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another quiet day

Not done much today as I had a bad night not slept much because my neck was uncomfortable and I developed a headache. The old arthritic neck syndrome I'm afraid. I think I've probably sat too long in front of the machine. Got my veggie card into the post at last.
Got Betsy's Notan swap in the post this morning the background is tremendous and she must be very good at cutting out look at all those little circles. But again it's made from paper, guess I went wrong somewhere it never occurred to me to do it in anything but fabric, ah well must read instructions more carefully.
Headache was still bad at lunchtime so dh decided I needed some fresh air and took me to Richmond (N Yorks) for a bacon butty and cuppa down by the River Swale. The autumn colours are beginning to merge into dull green and brown. There are still a few bright leaves but they are mostly on the ground. I think the trees are turning brown quicker this year but I could be wrong. I'll post a few photos of Richmond tomorrow, I'm not sure where I put my card reader and this old pc doesn't have a card slot.
Been thinking about the Journal Page for Ann in France, part of the Surface Design trades. This one is attaching meaning to colour(s) my mind is going round in circles. I have several colours I would like to depict each relating to a different colour but haven't decided on final one just yet. I enjoy making journal pages more than cards these days. Think I like the slightly larger format. I decided this year I would make a Journal Page a month and so far I've made two for myself. I really need the motivation of making them for 'something', perhaps next year I'll make them for myself.


katelnorth said...

Love that paper cutout card - really nice. And bacon butty & a nice strong cuppa is definitely a good headache cure.

I know what you mean about needing to make journal pages (or whatever) FOR something - you need an official challenge or something to participate in, so you have a deadline :)

Amanda said...

Journal pages - well I made one in July but haven't managed one since! It's a lovely idea though, good luck. That's why I like some of the yahoo forums, you HAVE to send something in by the deadline so you must do some work, instead of tidying up or ironing or some other worthwhile job!