Monday, 1 October 2007

More Seahorses

Well it worked, you can embellish on soluble stabiliser if it's underneath. If you put it on top it won't felt down but that has the advantage of stopping all the little bits getting into the holes of your presser foot and allowing you to add to the Surface Design group challenge. I thought I'd put the finishing embroidery and beading on and just get it into the folder on time but I reckoned without the heating being off. I put it on the radiator to dry slowly overnight but it was such a cold night the bowl was still wet when I got up. My son's girlfriend had the idea of putting it on the lid of the slow cooker (I was doing some braising steak for dinner) and it worked, it dried in no time at all.
I got the embroidery and beading done but not in time for the challenge. Never mind it will be in time to enter in the local EG competition themed 'The elements', it can go as water. Doubt it'll come anywhere as the majority of our members are elderly and prefer the traditional.
I'm tired today as I didn't sleep too well last night, dh started his nightshift at 11:00pm and as he's still only working four hours a day returned home just after 3:00am. Naturally once I was woken and bless him he did try not to wake me, I stayed awake. So I'm having a lazy day today trying to get on with a jacket I started knitting last year. I found the UFO sitting in a box under my son's bed (used to be my sewing room) and thought it about time it got finished. Trouble is I've put weight on since I started it and am sure it will be too small. Ah well, where's the chocs....

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