Saturday, 20 October 2007

Quiet Day In

These are the two Notan technique swaps I was talking about last time. The blue and black one is from Candy Grisham (I think I called her Cindy sorry Candy) its blue paper on a black paper background and shows the technique very well. Mine is the other one made from fabric and machine quilted.

Had a very lazy day today managed to finish my Monochromatic Journal Page for Surface Design group. This one is going to Emmy Schoonbeek in the Netherlands. It's great when you can swap with lots of different countries. Pity this type of small artwork isn't that popular amongst my friends. They like the pieces I make but wouldn't want to do one themselves. I should be able to get this in the post on Monday.

Keith had his flu jab the other day and is feeling a couple of degrees under par today. My son is house-sitting and the elderly parents quite comfortable at home with no inclination to go out. The day has been very quiet but I've really enjoyed the peace and quiet and been able to get down to some sewing without the usual hullabaloo for food and drink. In fact we had frozen pizza for lunch and a pan of home made soup with large chunks of fresh bread for dinner. Wouldn't have been able to get away with that if we'd all been in for meals.

Managed to make the paper cast 'veggies' for another swap today. Had real fun with these as I used to make them years ago but when it came down to it I'd forgotten the process and had to go and read up about them. Thank you Maggie Grey your books came to my rescue again. I dried them out on the radiators and painted them. I am absolutely useless at painting but the dies cast now no going back. I think they'll be okay when I finish them, hopefully tomorrow.

Off to watch telly, it's been so quiet here I keep thinking it's Sunday!

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Joanna van said...

Annette, these look great. It really motivates you when you know a trade is due eh? I haven't done a trade in a long time so I was looking forward to signing up for a couple of them. Hadn't thought about cutting out the Notan into fabric like you did. Great idea.