Tuesday, 10 February 2009

February love

Mr Postman brought me love postcards from Cindy and Christine today. Isn't there a song about Mr Postman bringing a letter? seems to ring a bell somewhere in the depths of my memory. Cindy's card is pretty in pink and displays a beautifully machine embroidered heart. I love pink.
Christine's hearts are made from Angelina, Lutradur and Paper, painted and quilted. I really love this one but then I'm a sucker for mixed media artwork. I was a bit surprised to receive such a well thought out card from Christine this month, not that hers aren't always well thought out. But she had to undergo major surgery at quite a short notice and has only just got out of hospital. Get well soon Christine.
Now for my efforts over the last couple of days. Well I finished Block one of the Willowberry Designs free BOM, called Verandah Views. I've downloaded Block two and hope to get that finished in the next couple of days. I also have downloaded Block two from Capricorn Quilts free BOM this ones based on fairy tales.

At last I got round to doing the BQL Minicalendar quilt challenge for February. Tell the truth I'm not too keen on this block it looks sort of bland, probably looks better when there are several blocks together. I'll put a photo up on the BQL group then I might do something with it. Could perhaps stamp and embroider, do some applique, not sure yet but it definitely needs livening up. It reminds me of something unloved maybe its just that I've got too many medium value fabrics. I used my Jelly Rolls for this quilt and I'm still undecided whether or not I like them.
The Contemporary Quilt, a subgroup of the Quilters Guild, are running a Little Gems challenge to raise funds for charity, the quilts to be sent to St Anthony's Hall in York. I think I will do one for them but that will be later in the month. Anyone interested in this challenge can find the information here.
Took mum to the hospital today and all is well she has just scratched the inside of her ear as expected, too vigourous cleaning. She also maintains (still) that her hearing is worse since the radiotherapy so they sent her for another hearing test, she only had one in November. It showed that there has not been any deterioration since 2006. They politely and tactfully told her it wasn't that she was getting deafer or her hearing aids weren't working but that her listening skills were declining. However as far as she is concerned its the radiotherapy..... head banging against a wall seems to have become my chief occupation these days.

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