Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stitched up

The "Today's title is...." challenge this week was "all stitched up". My first thoughts was to put up a photo of the cardigan I'm in the process of knitting myself. Unfortunately I haven't finished it yet so its not "all stitched up" but it will be soon. Wondering what I would do for this title I looked up and saw one of the pieces I'd created for an exhibition using fme. It was my take on tree bark and though its just straight lines of stitching there are a lot of them trapping threads and fabrics underneath. More stitches hold the beads on and the gathered velvet representing the fungus on the bark. This is a close up of some of the fungus.

Textilechallenge atc challenge for this month was the colour combo of purple and red, not my favourite colours. My purple and red atc card is now winging its way to Jackie Wright I only hope she likes the colours more than I do. I machined a background of red and purple sheers meaning to burn through some of the layers but I'd machined it down so tight I couldn't get the layers separated so left them. The beads are rolled silk and sheer ribbons burned and beaded. I made small tassles for the end of two of them from more sheer fabric.
I've done very little sewing over the past few days and still have one the February House to make. As this one is for myself I'll do it when I get back from Amsterdam.
The week so far has been a bit traumatic both Mum and I had hospital appointments. Mum's consultant feels she's "fit and in good condition" (his words not mine) and has suggested she have a hip replacement. Her op is booked for the 5th of May but in all probability will be brought forward as the government are having another drive on getting down the number on the waiting lists. The drawback as far as she is concerned is that she must go into a home for rehabilitation for a time once she is discharged from hospital. She does NOT like this idea she thinks she won't come out and I hope the op is fairly soon for her or she may change her mind altogether.
My visit to see the surgeon has left me a little dumpstruck. The virus I caught last November and brought on an increasing in coughing has done some damage. Apparently I not only strained a chest muscle (hence the pain I've been experiencing) but the coughing also led to a ruptured in the implant I had following my mastectomy. It must be removed, the cavity cleaned and the implant replaced. Boy just what I wanted but there's no danger and the op can wait for a short while.
We're off to Amsterdam tomorrow to see the bulb fields and take a break from everything. I'm really looking forward to it, so is Keith. I'll post some photos of the bulb fields and gardens when I get back which will be sometime on Friday.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I don't like working in red either, the only time I have used red and purple together is when I have made 'Red Hat' dolls. Sorry to hear that you need an op'. Enjoy your trip to the tulip fields, I look forward to seeing the photo's.

Julie said...

Hope you have a good trip Annette. Sorry to hear you have to face more surgery.

Genie said...

Enjoy your trip.
love the Tree bark piece!! Beautiful

Pat Winter said...

Hi Janette, Are you still in the puzzle swap? Thanks

Jaxx said...

Hey Annette...I received your lovely purple and red stitched ATC in Sacramento, California a couple of days ago...it's absolutely gorgeous!!! But, I don't belong to this group to my knowledge...did someone sign me up without my knowledge..LOL??? Anyway, thanks again...I'm going to start following your lovely blog. Jackie Wight