Monday, 9 February 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

and last year we had fun walking on the beach at Saltburn enjoying a bit of Winter sun. This year its in the snow. Actually we had our worst snow last Monday and by Wednesday there hardly any sign of it. Since then we've had more snow but it hasn't lasted long enough for me to do any snow dyeing, pity. I've seen quite a few other bloggers have used this techique and I really wanted to try that out. Woke up this morning to this sky, pity about the buildings. It was almost as though it was on fire. It reminded me of the old adage "red sky morning shepherd/sailor take warning". Just heard the weather forecast and we're in for another bad spell so perhaps there's something in some of the folk tales. Perhaps I will get a chance to snow dye.

The cold has given me a bit of time to sew, too cold to venture far over the last couple of days. I finished my February themed card "What if..... I were in love" I remembered the heady days of first love and though "I'd feel like flying". Rather have the steady comfortable loving relationship I've got now though, wouldn't really like to weather the ups and downs again of young love. Besides I'd NEVER get any sewing done.

This is Jennifer's version of the same theme. It's really pretty, she's used sheers and cut back through them. I love it.
Look what I got from Britta Ankenbauer in Germany. Mrs Bird and she comes complete with shopping though Britta says she didn't have enough time to buy some decent shoes. I'm happy with Mrs Bird as she is, her shoes give her character. Thank you Britta for such a wonderful friend. Britta also sent a piece of the handdyed fabric she'd made Mrs Bird from.

Not a very good scan this but its a couple of items made at our Wednesday craft class using painted canvas. Due to the cold weather only seven turned up but we were a small discreet group who thoroughly enjoyed having a playday.

Taking Mum to see the ENT consultant tomorrow about the lump in her ear. She hasn't mentioned it for a few days now so perhaps it is the GP thought, damaged by too vigourous cleaning!!! A definite activity Mum would indulge in.

Sy (Simon) went to a charity dinner on Friday night where the guest of honour was the boxer Joe Calgazhe (think I've spelt his name correct). I know absolutely zilch about sport and even less about famous sportsmen but my son assures me that Joe is one so I'll take his word for it. They all had their photos taken with Joe and this is Sy's. They were apparently told to hold their hands in that position hmmm.

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MargaretR said...

Of course he's famous Annette and lives in Wales (BG)Your DS is handsome too!