Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Today's title is - meeting of opposites

I was very impressed with the work I saw on Helen Suzanne's "Today's title is..." blog so signed up to join in the challenge. The latest challenge is 'Meeting of Opposites' I thought a lot about the title, old/young, east/west and so on then I remembered some photos I'd taken last year while in the Lake district. These were taken from one of the stopping places running alongside Ullswater. This road is very busy but the lake is very quiet. Its a place where water, earth and air all meet and are always changing. Whenever I go to the Lake district, particularly the Northern Lakes I feel as though I were coming home. Perhaps its some 'tribal memory' the Brigantes tribe ruled a wide area from the Irish Sea to the North (German) Sea. Its truly a place of opposites, wild fells, peaceful villages.
The mist on the fells is beginning to close in.

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Helen Cowans said...

Annette - I always have a feeling of "being home" when I am in the Lakes too. The area is so beautiful and calming.

It always feels like my spiritual home (though I am not religious, more an understanding with Mother Earth / Gaia). I am going for a week in May and can't wait.