Sunday, 8 November 2009

All packed up waiting to go

We can't make up our mind whether to stay up or go to bed for a few hours. We leave for Bruge at 04:15 hours which means we'll need to be up by 03:00. Guess I'll have a cuppa and think about it. This is the trip the boys bought for us as a surprise when they thought we needed cheering up. The postman has cheered me up though he brought the latest two 'Flower Pages'. The green felt one is from Wendy Kirk who has felted the flowers onto the background and written 'flower words'
Julie Mackinder's Flower Page is very different. I love the way Julie has created a background with white spots and filled in the spaces with flowers, both machined and hand embroidered.

Jennifer McCormack sent me this lovely atmospheric picture its the first I've received with the November theme of "Wish you were here". Not sure about the bike, don't think my old knees would cope with all the peddling but apart from that I'd love to be there.
The Surface Design group are holding a "Zentangle Ornament" swap. Now if you (like me) had never heard of a Zentangle have a look at those on the Zentangle site but be warned they are addictive. I've been practising...... these are from my sketch book.

They are very easy to do,its like doodling with pattern. Start by making four dots, then join them up, no you don't need a ruler if they aren't straight it makes a more interesting outine. Then take your pencil/pen/brush for a walk and fill in the spaces with patterns. Have a go its very calming.
I mentioned in my last post that I'dbought a Supreme Slider and I was asked how I got on with it and where I bought it. I tried to buy one in the UK and Franklins do have them but the the US price of $29.99 retailed here at £29.99 plus p&p so I bought mine in the States for almost £10 less (including p&p). There are a few sites in the States where they are sold just Google it and you'll get a list of them.
As for how I got on with it, well apart from leaving it on the machine when I tried to sew normally, great. I set off like a duck landing on ice!!! eventually I managed better control. On the whole though I like it and am pleased I got it. I had great intensions of doing all the 365 quilting patterns that Leah Day is videoing but must confess to beginning to feel a little bored with them now, although I do still watch the videos.
My good friend Jenny gave me a fright yesterday when her husband rang me to say she'd had a slight stroke. Oh no I thought, not another friend but it was very mild and she is recovering well. I just hope she takes things easy - Jenny if you are reading this - put your feet up and rest.


Lynne said...

Thanks for the info on the slider Annette. Sounds like it might help the dragging which strains my neck and shoulders - on my christmas list!

Julie said...

I'm pleased you've got my front page Annette :o) The base fabric is sun dyed, I used washers to get the resist shapes. Hope you have a great time in Bruges.