Sunday, 29 November 2009

Zentangle Swap

I lost track of this swap and had to create the zentangle ornament in a hurry, I had missed the deadline date. I bonded some white cotton to a piece of pelmet vilene then took my micron pen for a walk, filling in the gaps with pattern. Next I used Derwent Inktense pencils to colour the design in and finally ran a damp brush over the whole piece to brighten the ink up.
I drew round a cookie cutter for the bell shape, cut them out, sewed two pieces back to back to make a double sided zentangle ornament and made a look to hang them.
Then I blundered, I should have left them as they were but no I had to try and gild the lily. I thought I'd put a glaze on them by coating them in acrylic wax. Bad move, they soaked up the acrylic wax like nobody's business and left the bells looking a little dull. Next I thought I might bring back some of the sparkle they'd had by painting a very thin coat of interference paint. Another bad mood, some worked okay others it was too thick and almost obliterated the pattern. As I was running late I had to send them out (I send two to each person in the hopes they might forgive my blunder) but I may yet redo this swap and send out ones I'm happy with.
These are the zentangle ornaments I received back.
A lovely tree from Chris.

And a great bird and wood ornament from Jan and Joni.

My fabric postcard group theme this month is "Wish you were here" and for it I used a photo taken on holiday in Tuscany. DH and I both love Italy, its not just the sun and the people but the art, landscape and sense of 'coming home' we both feel. I've used Photoshop and digital scrapbooking techniques to create my memories of Tuscany - don't you 'wish you were here'.

Our new participant in the group Doreen has created a digitised version of one of her holiday photos taken in Egypt. Chris on the other hand attended a Bingata dyeing course whilst on holiday in Okinawa and has used a piece of Bingata dyed fabric.
Now for the continuing saga of my Bernina 830 - having broken down hours before we went to Bruges its been back to Bernina and returned from them repairs. After using the embroidery module for just under 3 hours it broke down again and so is now back with Bernina for them to try and get to the bottom of the problem. All I can say is thank goodness they were able to reproduce the problem using my embroidery module on their machine otherwise there is a tendancy to put it down to 'user error'. I am though begining to lose confidence in the machine and if it is returned and breaks down again you will be able to hear me throwing my dummy out of the pram across the pond.
It has poured with rain all day but despite needing webbed feet we are off tonight to see "Christmas Carol" in 3D. Just hope we don't have to row back.


Julie said...

Hope you manage to get to Christmas Carol and back without having to row. You must be very frustrated with the problems with your machine.

The Zentangle ornament looks very attractive, what a good idea!

Rosalind said...

Aren't those Inktense pencils brilliant? I only realised recently that one of my 24 set is an outliner pencil that works like gutta in silk painting!