Monday, 23 November 2009

Beer, Chocolates and Lace

I can't believe its over a week since we got back from Bruges, time really does tempest fugit. We were lucky with the weather which was for the most part dry and sunny. We spent the first day wandering around the old part of Bruges, along the canals and testing all the things that Bruges is famous for - beer, chocolate and lace. Well we didn't actually eat the lace but it was so luscious we could have. We stopped for lunch in this canalside pub (left hand side) and ate waffles covered in chocolate and drank beer. The tower in the background is the Belfort tower.

The pub had a wall dedicated to all the local made beers, some 720 different types. If you drank one a day it would take you two years to sample them all. Keith wanted to stayand see if he could get through them all. The photos shows just some of them I couldn't get the full wall in the frame.

There were lots of lovely lace in the shops.

This shop with the lacemaker mannikins in the upper storey windows made lace to commissions. I doubt I could look at the prices nevermind order any but Idrooled.

I seemed to drool all the time, this is my mid morning snack of waffles, strawberries, cream, ice cream and hot chocolate sauce........ to hell with my diabetes for one day.

I did buy one or two samples of lace, well I couldn't come away without any could I. The top picture shows lace trims, the bottom one a small piece of lace curtain, the type that you put a pole through the holes.

We really enjoyed the few days away, it was very relaxing. Which was just what I needed as my my brand new Bernina 830 broke down a few hours before we left!!! This is the second time in the six weeks I've had it that the embroidery unit has given problems. Despite Bernina exchanging the first, after using the unit for around 8 hours (not all at one) the "Fatal Error" warning was displayed. This was the same error message I got with the original embroidery unit. I emailed David Drummond with all the details, even sent the log file and photos of the displayed errors. I did this on the Sunday night just before we left for Bruges. I did not expect an immediately response but I did expect that he would have at least opened the email before we got back from Bruges. Having said that it didn't take long for Bernina to pick up the machine and take it to Cardiff for repair. It's been gone a week now and though I've not heard back from them I hope to very shortly. To be fair I think I've been very unlucky they normally are very good machines but I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Julie said...

My tummy is now rumbling at the sight of that gorgeous dessert. Yum! The lace is beautiful, you will love using it in a project if you can bear to :o) Glad you had a super time.