Thursday, 5 November 2009

Can't wait for Advent to start!!!

My parcel has arrived from Iris Joy in Australia, my partner in the Advent Swap (she received mine yesterday). Just look at all those goodies, I can't wait to unwrap them but I will. Thank you so much Iris Joy by the way they smell delicious.

On wednesday our U3A Craft group met, we've been making Christmas Tree Ornaments for the Charity stall at the general meeting next week. Last time we made beaded ornaments and beaded baubles not to mention dotee angles. Wednesday we continued making tree ornaments but this time we made the felt and sequin waste christmas trees from the Stitch magazine.

They were simple enough for everyone to make and a great deal of laughter and gossiping was going on as well as sewing.

Keith also was doing 'Christmassy' things. Members brought photos they wanted turning into christmas cards and Keith took his laptop and printer along to oblige. Some people are going to get really special cards this year.

The last of the Goldwork swap cards arrived this week, Lorna has created hers from layered gold fabric background, metal leaves and free machine embroidery. She's really good at fme whenever I try to 'write' I always run out of space before I've finished the last word.

Cindy has used silks and gold thread embroidery this looks much richer in life than in the photo.

My contribution, again the photo doesn't show them in a good light but there is quite a bit of shine coming off them. The background is gold brocade topped with layered gold fabrics, fme. I cut this up and appliqued them to the middle of the brocade. Brass washers and gold leaves were couched onto the background and beaded. I've not used washers before but I thought they were quite effective.
My friend Carol Wilson from the Embroiderers' Guild sent me this postcard made from a photograph of the fairy shoes we made for the last exhibition. I love the 'woodland' setting she's placed them in. Carol is a very talented lady and full of ideas.

I've been following Leah Day's 365 days of quilting and even managed to do some of the samples. I made sandwiches from calico and happily stitched away. I was more pleased with some of my results than others and turned them into coasters and tissue boxes (five make a box). I showed them to some friends and now all I have left are these two. Don't ask me what days they are I've forgotten.

Most of my time this week has been spent doing mundane household sewing, taking up hems etc but I did manage a bit of recycling.
This is what's left of a pair of my old black jeans. I wanted a small bag to leave in the car for emergency shopping.
Is anyone doing the QA Mother Earth doll challenge? I think I might, that's if I find enough time. We're off to Bruge on Monday for a few days, this is the trip our sons bought to cheer us up so I'm looking forward to it.
I should mentioned one other purchase I've made recently, a Supreme Slider for quilting. As anyone with any sense knows it sits on your machine and allows you to move the fabric without drag. I proudly put mine on the machine and it fit great. I got out some fabric and started to sew but I couldn't get the machine to sew properly. Nerd that I am I'd tried to do normal sewing and the slider is for free motion sewing, with the feet down. Duh I now have a lovely imprint of the bottom of my quarter inch foot on the slider........


Julie said...

Well done for starting the quilting thing. I was full of good intentions but haven't sewn a stitch yet! Did you get the slider in the UK?

Lynne said...

Hi Annette, I'd love to know what you think to the supreme slider. I've been having a go at some of the FMQ samples from Leah. I'm sure the gloves would help me, but still wondering about the slider.