Monday, 2 November 2009

Wet Sunday drive

Sunday had arranged to meet Marc and Alix in Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District to see where they were getting married. We set off in torrential rain but the road was good until we decided to go via Ullswater. Big mistake the majority of the lakeside road was flooded with the heavy rain escaping from the fellsides in torrents. Some went via culverts under the road but most just cascaded across the road to meet the lake.
The lake came up to the road and in some places it was very scary. The water came about mid-wheel height and made driving equal to going through a car wash. The road was too narrow to turn round and go back also because speed had to be slow the traffic both ways was backing up.

When eventually we found a layby dry enough to stop in, to give Keith a break from driving and Buster a relief stop, Buster ran straight into the lake to fish. Thank goodness I'd packed his towels.

By the time we got to Lake Windermere the rain had stopped and the sun came out but we went a different way home. I had nightmares about roads that were submerged into the lake and the fact we couldn't manouver the car because we didn't have any paddles.
Today we are drying everything out.

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Julie said...

A very frightening experience for you Annette. I'm glad you came through it without mishap. I really hate driving through standing water or fords.