Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent swap goodies

My partner in the Advent Swap is Iris Joy Fechner of Australia and its obvious from Day one that she is a skilled quilter. My Day 1 gift is a bag with a large front pocket made from charm squares produced by Paperbark Woman have a look at her site. I love the aboriginal design fabrics the ones in this bag have lovely names such as 'Bush Onion' Bush Tucker, Freshwater Lifecycle and Honey ant.

Day two is a shoe bag which I will put into use when we go to Salzburg just after Christmas.Close up of the stitching on the shoe bag.In the meantime I've been using up some of my jelly roll strips to make book covers. I made six stars for the star swap on Surface Design when I should only have made two. Ah well I have a couple free if anyone wants one.

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Jo in TAS said...

Lovely advent gifts!